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Andrew Lambert

Over 30 years of healthcare executive leadership experience with a successful record of growing revenue and EBIDTA across multiple venues, sizes of organizations, and developing exceptional teams.

As a healthcare business leader with strong clinical informatics and analytics background, it has provided Mr. Lambert with the acquaintances plus familiarity in health and wellness industry to serve as an Advisor for Curazene®. Mr. Lambert is currently the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Cognovant. His role includes overseeing and directing their new business development, sales, the marketing and pursuit of investors.

Prior to joining the Curazene, LLC Advisory Board, Andrew worked as Vice President in the New Sales Division of Press Ganey Associates, a leading privately held analytics and improvement company, that focused on clinical operational and financial measurement, performance benchmarking and improvement services. Mr. Lambert held executive leadership roles with several companies including Thomson Healthcare (Thomson Reuters), Eclipsys Corp., Cerner Corp., Phillips Medical Systems and Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Lambert holds a BA in Sociology/Biology from Bethany College, West Virginia and expects to finish his MBA in 2013

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